Breeding Philosophy


As a small kennel that produces only two or three litters a year, we plan each litter to improve our bloodlines, and to produce healthy puppies that have sound structure, superb temperament, and flexible working ability. We always evaluate each litter to determine what we want to keep for ourselves.


Please be aware that we do not sell puppies that are represented as show quality. The puppies that we feel are show quality go into our own show and breeding program. The puppies we sell are presented as pets or potential hunting companions. We sell the available puppies on Limited Registration to screened families who do not plan to breed yet are looking for excellent family pets.


No breeder can guarantee that their puppies will be free of genetically inherited conditions. We only use stud dogs and bitches that have been cleared of hip dysplasia by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and have eyes which are certified "normal" by the CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation). While there is no absolute guarantee that problems won't occur, clearances for the parents increase the likelihood that their puppies will also be free of these problems.


The foundation for our commitment to responsible breeding begins with sound parents. Our goal is to improve the caliber of our bloodlines.












Contact Information

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